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Al features:
Light weight, fast heat conduction, easy processing, if after appropriate heat treatment to achieve quite good of strength, hardness and impact value, so there is quite a wide range of aluminum alloys used in the industry, according to their different uses it can be divided into:
(1) industrial aluminum extrusion.
(2) Construction aluminum extrusion.

Industrial use: In addition to 6063,6061,6005,7005,7075 alloy and other special alloys also can manufacture, production of extruded aluminum used to manufacture [bicycle parts, automobile parts, all kinds of heat sinks, aluminum hand tools, audio panel, all kinds of sports equipment, rehabilitation equipment, within the motor housing, communications equipment, machinery and equipment assembly, refrigeration equipment, office business machines, precision components, camera tripod, aerospace and other industrial supplies], and for forging aluminum alloy strip for car use, the sheet metal.
Building: modular curtain wall, aluminum doors and windows, airtight windows, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum wall.

General San (suction) Heat film category: can produce all kinds of shape and specifications of the powder (absorbing) heat sink to supply all kinds of heat and heat ... and so on. CNS8H3003 provisions adopted imported aluminum ingots, owned by a detailed analysis of the alloy composition spectrometer, casting comply CNS2068, H3021 of 6063 aluminum ingots and extruded 6063-T5, strong corrosion resistant aluminum extrusion, strength lowest in 22,00LB / IN above, wind pressure resistance up to P = 160,200,240,280,360kgf / m

Computer with fins category: 18 multiple persons, has been able to successfully mass production, higher multiples who are actively in development ....
Computers and other precision components categories: for use in disk enclosure, head actuator arm, PC version interposed box office business machines and components ... etc.
Sports and medical equipment categories: use in skates base, storms board assembly, ball grid assembly, fitness equipment, components beds, wheelchairs ... and so on.
Mechanical Components Category: used in woodworking machinery, conveyors, bearing sets, washing machines, lock assembly, nail, all kinds of DIY equipment assembly ... etc
Other categories: for use in audio panel 'motor housing' hand tools' car audio 'loudspeaker enclosure, communication equipment set for' canvas frame ... etc.


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