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The corrosion resistance of steel radiator

With the rapid development of the plumbing industry, the universal application of the chip and electronic heat sink fins, the radiator decoration industry has become the new darling of today. However, with the growing market demand for the development of the radiator, radiator Material progress is also growing, especially in the corrosion resistance of steel radiator is well received by people of all ages, so the corrosion resistance of steel radiator What are the characteristics of it? Below the fin manufacturers to introduce you to the corrosion resistance of steel radiators.
1, in terms of water quality, water heating is the main factor in the formation of oxygen corrosion, filled with water and maintenance, take measures oxygen or add inhibitor, are necessary.
2, radiator and radiator corrosion failures regarding the type, according to the order of cause corrosion damage, generally cylindrical plate → → → string piece flat tube type. Its early (days to months) mainly due to the failure of manufacturers, problems in the manufacturing process being. Radiator forming process, stretching deformation is too large, the most prone to corrosion needle pores, which is caused by corrosion tests showed weight loss, gap size of crevice corrosion occurs in a range of the cracks, control radiator when Canada, as well as One of the important measures to prevent the occurrence of corrosion. So, from the process to start, early failure can be avoided.
3, should recommend the use of special types of steel plate radiator; design a proper process planning; the use of high-tech means, for type and structural design reasonable plate type heat sink.
4, take paint or surface treatment methods, to solve the corrosion inside the radiator, after all, a means in the current and desirable; but need to practice test, pay attention to economic rationality.
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