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Three cleaning methods of Dongguan fin - the fin manufacturers

With the rapid development of the universal application of heating hardware industry, chip and MOS pipe heat sink fins and so on Dongguan fins is greatly promoted the rapid development of the industry, but in practice it Dongguan fins, the timing cleaning and maintenance Dongguan cooling sheet is necessary, then in the end how to clean it? Here the heat sink manufacturer is a brief introduction of the three fins Dongguan cleaning methods.
1, each fan, water pump has its own card, the card unified management, timely completion, and maintenance of equipment for the use of each case must fill out, easy to use and maintain.
2, all fans, pumps must be stored in a dry, airy, clean place to ensure that the pump inlet and outlet are capped to prevent insects and other foreign matter into the plug transmitter waterways.
3, all fans, pumps plus dust cover, to ensure their cleanliness, so that you can at any time on the machine.
After the cleaning is finished, it will leave a gap in the fin plenty of water, if the direct operational gap is blocked due to poor ventilation, and may cause the fan to water, in order to prevent this from happening, take the fan power inverter, the fan anti- After a while turn, blow off water in the gap, then the fan power is restored, an effective solution to the above problems.
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