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On the radiator

Radiator, many hardware DIYer who is always concerned about a hot topic, especially those overclocking enthusiast: "AMD's original radiator in the end how?" "What kind of sink to make my run on 3200+ 2500+ stable ? "" Prescott core P4-2.4A need to meet in order to stabilize what kind of radiator super 800MHz FSB? "

These both old tune, and there is no standard answer to the question, the highest frequency in the world's major hardware BBS website. The heat of summer approaching, you have a computer DIYer radiator in the end can support over this period of time?

There is no intention to replace the existing radiator? Specific need to invest much money to buy one for your needs radiator cheap it? For some material structure and thermal performance of the radiator on the market, I am of myself awareness, hope to be able to play a valuable role.
Dongguan City Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. Yiu Tung Main: e-radiator factory in Dongguan factory fins, radiator factory in Dongguan, heat sink manufacturers. Products through the ISO quality system certification, professional development production of various radiators Dongguan, Dongguan and fins, MOS pipe heat sink, the chip heat sink.

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